The latest offering in our line of virtual healthcare products – made for you AND your clients!

Fitango Duo, a cloud-based SaaS solution, is a first-of-its-kind health software seamlessly connecting health experts to their clients, reimagining the digital health and wellness experience. Specifically designed to support health and wellness entrepreneurs in any specialty, Fitango Duo is appropriate for independent physicians, mental health professionals, rehabilitation professionals, dietitians/nutritionists, health coaches, and other health practitioners.

Fitango Duo, is the first, complete SaaS-based virtual health platform for health and wellness providers of all sizes, offering an exciting new way for health practitioners to provide a continuous, virtual experience to their patients and clients.

Fitango Duo was developed on top of Fitango Ensemble – our innovative API-based Healthcare components technology.

Delivering the next generation of patient/client experience technology, Fitango Duo, fosters open communication and health information exchange between experts of all kinds and their clients. It also enables clinicians and health experts to curate custom, branded content with its innovative health content management system (H-CMS) and studio capabilities.


The H-CMS functionality enables users to build and curate a variety of digital health assets for health consumers including recovery plans, adaptive assessments, educational materials, and medication plans. Custom content creation allows experts to produce materials that support their brand and provide a truly personalized experience for their clients.​ The platform also enables the building and distributing of digital protocols and guidelines/pathways for clinicians, supporting collaboration among health and wellness experts in collaborative practices.

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