Fitango Ensemble, our innovative, first-to-the-market patient experience platform launched today. ­­Ensemble’s fully patent-pending, API-based technology is highly flexible, boasts rapid implementation, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. The solution enables customized care planning to optimize the patient journey and reimagine the patient experience.

Ensemble’s virtual care platform allows clinicians to build and “prescribe” patients with a variety of digital therapies. The adaptability and versatility of the technology span multiple clinical service lines. It allows clinicians to monitor and measure adherence to prescribed therapies, improving patient experience, and health outcomes while reducing costs.

Fitango Ensemble offers a robust collection of integrated, API-based components. The technology enables organizations like health systems, EHR companies, and digital health companies to easily deliver an end-to-end patient experience solution for clinicians, patients, and their families.

The high degree of scalability of Ensemble’s components allows for continuous adaptation to new organizational requirements. Fitango Ensemble’s technology supports the virtualization of care and contributes a much-needed solution to the developing healthcare demand for tech-empowered clinicians and patient-centric experiences.

Notable capabilities of the Ensemble platform include seven types of fully customizable digital programs and therapies including:

The technology also boasts advanced family engagement with tiered platform access, gamification, a motivation center, an advanced business rules engine, ML-based predictions, and more.

The proposed infrastructure integrates easily with a variety of interfaces, adding value to existing workflows without complicated implementations or siloed tech solutions. The platform offers a robust library of APIs for integration with any of these elements and Ensemble’s core four offerings: content management, active patient & family engagement, population health, and virtual care.

Fitango Ensemble Components: The above graphic represents a partial list of Fitango Ensemble features.

“We are proud to release our first-in-the-market, API-based complete patient experience platform. This enables our customers to quickly and easily revolutionize their patient experience, achieving improved satisfaction, outcomes, and lower costs,” says Dr. Dov Biran, Founder, and CEO at Fitango Health. “The unique content builder capabilities enable organizations to implement solutions for any therapeutic area. Our goal is to empower clinicians in different areas so they can build and provide their patients with superior, measurable therapies.”

Fitango Ensemble is available now! For more information about Fitango Ensemble, click here.

Fitango Ensemble was built with clinicians and patients in mind but can offer much-needed, custom solutions to the following industries: healthcare organizations, private practice, EHR companies, digital health technology companies, pharma companies, payers, and health & wellness retailers.

To learn more about Fitango Ensemble and how it can help your organization transform patient/consumer experiences, request a discovery consultation.

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