Fitango Cardiovascular

Fitango Cardiovascular allows physicians to monitor patients’ recovery from home while improving the patient experience with treatment and recovery plans that are personalized, interactive, and effective.

The Cardiovascular Disconnect

Physicians lack transparency into the post-discharge recovery process. As a clinician, do you have sufficient insight into your patients’ recovery post-discharge? Are your patients equipped with the best resources for recovery at home?

Core Benefits of Fitango Cardiovascular

Reduction in Readmissions

With Fitango, physicians gain transparency into the post-discharge recovery process. Physicians are able to monitor patients’ progress and adherence and provide early interventions when necessary. This improves long-term health outcomes while reducing likelihood of unnecessary readmissions and ER visits.

Patient Adherence & Satisfaction

Patients are prescribed specific, relevant recovery plans that are accessible from the web or their mobile device. Plans include video instructions, audio, images and more to help make plans more accessible for all patients. With satisfied patients, hospital and provider ratings will improve.

Better Patient Outcomes

Patients who achieve better outcomes are happier patients. With a decrease in post-surgical hospital stay lengths, surgical patients need resources for continued recovery from home. Fitango enables care beyond the point-of-care to ensure that patients recover after they leave the hospital.

Who is this solution for?


Physicians can monitor their chronic care patients remotely with Fitango. Through patient-reported outcomes, connected wearable devices, and predictive analytics, physicians get increased transparency into their patients at home.

Cardiovascular Patients

Patients feel more secure after being discharged from the hospital post-surgery knowing they have access to digital resources for recovery. Patients are better served knowing they have access to their care team through the Fitango platform for follow-ups and additional information as they recover at home.


Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango Rehabilitation Solution

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