Fitango Health: Reimagining Continuous Care with Digital Health

Hi there, we are Fitango Health Inc. – a digital health technology company setting out to redefine digital care and reinvent active patient engagement. At Fitango, we understand just how busy healthcare providers are. We know that, above all else, providers and health systems want to provide their patients with the highest quality care and achieve superior health outcomes. We also know that to get this high-quality, value-based care, patients often need more regular guidance and support to fill in the gaps between their in-person visits. Unfortunately, battling grueling schedules and systematic inefficiencies, providers don’t usually have the time or the infrastructure to be with their patients every step of the way.

That is where we come in. At Fitango Health, we have created an API-based platform to bridge the gap between point-of-care visits, promoting improved care plan clarity and patient engagement. Our mission is to help healthcare providers across multiple disciplines seamlessly and continuously support their patients and improve health outcomes.

These days, the majority of a patient’s healthcare journey takes place at home. At Fitango, we aim to help providers clearly define the road to recovery, equip patients with the resources they need to stay on track and encourage patients to engage in their health and wellness journey. We like to think of our platform as a digital health tool that providers can prescribe, just as they would medication, to support, educate and empower patients throughout their care plan.

By improving the accessibility of their treatment plan and supplying high-quality educational materials, we help patients and providers speak the same language. Our technology makes it possible to customize and build a comprehensive digital care plan. With a Fitango account, patients also get access to an extensive library of digital content produced by reputable health companies – this content can be either assigned by a provider or sought out by an interested patient. Most importantly, Fitango has an innovative patient engagement feature that encourages patients to actively engage with their digital care plan, report on their compliance, track their progress, communicate with providers, and participate in health and wellness learning opportunities.

So how does it work? The process begins when a provider builds the patient’s digital care plan in the Fitango platform. After crafting the patient’s plan, the provider can then prescribe Fitango Health to the patient. Patients can then review and readily access the customized platform from home to help them understand their care plan and take actionable steps to stay on track. Patients can also report back to their providers on symptoms, medication management, ADL performance, and several other items. The reporting feature allows providers and their teams to continuously monitor patient progress and provide timely interventions to help guide and update treatment plans.

Admittedly, improving patient engagement and health outcomes is not our only mission. With many years of experience in healthcare between us, our team understands just how difficult it can be to work in the healthcare industry. That’s why we are also setting out to make things easier for providers and health systems. Our technology is API-based and can easily integrate with other EHR/EMR systems in a matter of days. This capability promotes seamless integration into current systems with virtually no added burden to the busy healthcare provider’s workload. No increased work for providers and happier, healthier patients; that’s what some would call a Win-Win.

As a small team with robust healthcare and technology experience, we at Fitango are confident that our product provides a much-needed solution to fill the gaps in the healthcare experience. Interested? – We would love to talk about how our technology might be able to meet your specific needs. Inquire about a demo or our pilot program to test out the technology in your care setting – the proof is in the pilot!

Written by: Jessica Cobb, PT, DPT and Director of Business Development for Fitango Health, Inc.