Mental Health Matters: 5 Features to Reduce Gaps in Mental Health Care

Mental health can be a challenging space to tackle. While mental health awareness is on the rise, so is the amount of people seeking help. People are expecting quick fixes and mental healthcare providers are spreading themselves thin by trying to accommodate as many patients as possible. As mental health care practitioners juggle the surge of new patients, it can be difficult to manage everyone while still providing the best care possible. Since most care is provided in the clinic, there is limited time and resources which can lead to lackluster results. No wonder why mental health burnout for providers and clinicians is at an all-time high.

What if there was a way to provide care outside of appointments?

That’s where Fitango Health comes in, an all-in-one digital health AI-solution created with both the provider and patient in mind. Through virtual care you will be able to remotely monitor patients, prescribe digital mental health assets (assessments, educational materials, etc.), and provide continuous care beyond the clinic. In a perfect world, our platform would have every tool for every provider for every type of health concern. While we do not have *everything* imaginable, we are constantly updating and improving our platform based on feedback from our clients and partners. Thus, we are adaptive and proactive about your needs and wants for your practice.

How can Fitango Health fill the gaps in your organization?

While Fitango has many features housed in the platform, here are five that we believe are the most important in the mental health space.

  1. Automatic Assessment Scoring and Risk Alert

When a patient is assigned to complete an assessment (i.e PHQ-9, GAD-7, WHO-5, etc.), his or her answers will be automatically scored within Fitango’s platform. As a provider, you can decide whether you want to receive an alert if the value falls within a critical range, based on the scoring criteria. Make informed decisions about a patient’s treatment plan based on this alert.

  1. Monitor Patients Remotely

With Fitango’s platform, care providers and clinicians have access to all of their patient’s data whenever and wherever they go. What was John’s* last score on the PHQ-9? Has Suzie* been taking her anxiety medications as prescribed? Is Ted* meeting his weekly goals? These questions can be easily answered by logging into Fitango’s platform and monitoring patient data. Remote patient monitoring allows you to check-in with patients in between visits and intervene early, if necessary, before the next appointment. When it comes to mental health care, prevention and early intervention is crucial to a patient’s mental health journey.

  1. Customized Resource Library

One of the major distinguishing features of our platform is our robust and fully customizable digital resource library. With this content, providers and clinicians can prescribe educational material and resources to patients, similar to how medication is prescribed.

Users of Fitango can request for content surrounding any topic, and we work with you to decide the best approach to building your customized library. We gather content through three methods:

  1. In-house: Our team of content developers at Fitango produce a variety of educational materials and resources for our platform users. The content is created with thorough evidence based peer-review literature research and background expertise.

  2. Partnerships with healthcare organizations: We work with you and other healthcare organizations to digitize content. Often, this content comes from brochures or pamphlets that are handed out in the office during a patient’s appointment. Rather than giving out hard-copies of your information, patients can easily access everything right on their mobile device or desktop. No more losing instruction/information sheets from the doctor’s office!

  3. Third-party publishing institutions: We also partner with third-party institutions such as Harvard Medical, Mayo Clinic, and Healthwise to deliver highly-rated content for patients.

  4. Incorporating Family Members and Support Network

In addition to striving for increased patient engagement, Fitango also encourages healthcare organizations to incorporate family members and social support during a patient’s health journey. Patients with family members who are actively engaged on their health journey report better health outcomes.

  1. Goal Setting and Management

Having achievable goals orients and motivates patients to be active consumers of their healthcare. Providers and patients can work together to come up with realistic goals and steps to achieve these goals.

How Can You Get Involved with Fitango?

Our goal at Fitango is to better connect providers to their patients through our highly customizable and continuous care AI-technology. We strive to empower patients to be active consumers of their healthcare journey while enabling providers to deliver transformational and continuous care.

If you are looking to implement digital health technology into your mental health practice, we would be happy to help! What if you already have a system in place, but like a few of Fitango’s features? We can also coordinate and integrate our API technologies into your current system which means no need to switch over to a new system and relearn everything.

Request a consultation, and let us show you how a custom digital health solution can drive innovation and allow you to enjoy all of the features listed above! Providing continuous and quality care to your patients is incredibly important, and together with Fitango, we can enhance overall health outcomes.

*These are fictitious names and are in no way intended to disclose real personal information.

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