Fitango Health's API

Close gaps in provider workflows and actively engage patients with quick, easy API integrations


A program is a personalized interactive health guide that provides daily instructions and health trackers to support patients in disease management, post-acute recovery, general wellness, and more. You and your team can use the builder on our platform to create any type of plan, whether it’s a program, assessment, educational material, or other types, whichever suits the needs of your patients and their families.

Let’s create our first program:

With numerous permutations of fields, attributes, and builder tools, you can create actionable guide that is engaging, rich in features, and is as extensive as you need it to be.

​”Active” engagement requires efforts not only on the part of the patient, but the clinical team as well. In order to support, motivate, and be with a patient every step of the way, we would need to monitor their progress and provide appropriate feedback along the way. Fitango platform allows tracking levels of a patient’s adherence over periods of time and can provide advanced analytics to assist in making informed decisions and adapting treatment plans.

Here’s what a basic monitoring query looks like:

A care manager would be able see the information in a number of ways, including via clear visual representation.