Care Beyond the Point of Care™

Digital Health Companies

As a fellow digital health technology company, you understand that patient and provider expectations are rapidly changing. This usually means that they need more from their technology solutions. With Fitango Healthblocks, quickly and easily add functionality to your existing systems.

Go-to-market in less time with a comprehensive solution by integrating Healthblocks APIs to add functionality in any or all of our four main functional areas: active patient engagement, health content management, population health, and virtual care management.

Save valuable time and resources by leveraging Healthblocks technology to make your existing solution exactly what your customers need.

EHR Companies

Looking to add value to your EHR system that goes above and beyond the competition? Look no further. Fitango’s active patient engagement platform can pick up right where the EHR experience leaves off to give clinicians and patients a fully reimagined experience.

The cornerstone of Fitango’s technology is active patient engagement, health content management, and remote monitoring. Patients can enjoy a comprehensive, personalized digital care plan at home and their providers can have increased visibility into patient’s progress between sessions.

Give your customers access to tools that they cannot get with any other EHR on the market. Integrate Fitango’s APIs, or our entire platform into your current systems to take the your customer experience to a new level.

Health Systems

Healthcare is rapidly changing and innovation is on everyone’s minds. Hospitals and health systems are adopting new technologies at an alarming rate and offering more options to enhance patient experience and convenience. Are you looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge and get ahead of the competition?

Fitango’s solution offers a complete platform that integrates easily with your existing systems and can take your patient experience to the next level. Increasing patient engagement has been shown to improve activation, increase care plan adherence, and optimize health outcomes. In addition to the benefits for patients, our solutions are designed to enhance clinician satisfaction, improve workflows, and even support financial reimbursement for your departments.

Because Fitango’s platform is patient-centric, not condition-centric, which means it can accommodate any specialty area and is unique designed to unite all stakeholders in a patient’s care. 

Provider Groups

How does your practice differentiate itself from your competitors? Offering an innovative and convenient digital patient experience is a great place to start. With Fitango’s solution your practice can have its very own, white-labeled application and web platform to engage and delight your patients. Make sure your patients understand their health conditions and exactly what to do in between visits with patient engagement technology and high-quality health content.

Fitango’s solutions are not condition specific so whether you are an orthopedic practice, a behavioral health organization, rehabilitation company, or primary care clinic – we’ve got you covered. The technology is designed to fit your needs and is customizable so you can best serve your unique patient population.