Hospital at Home

Fitango Health supports the paradigm shift in delivering hospital-quality and cost efficient care in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Hospital at Home

Fitango Health supports the paradigm shift in delivering hospital-quality and cost efficient care in the comfort of the patient’s home.


Fitango Health's 5 Core Pillars

Active Patient Engagement

Actively engage, monitor and intervene with individual patients and large populations with our digital assets prescription

Health Content Management System

Build content through Fitango's rich content library, or easily load your own

Virtual Care Management

Provide treatments and use embedded telehealth and secure messaging for real-time communication

Population Health

Analyze and access cohorts or the whole population to get new insights about your patients and offer them with new services

Infrastructure and System Management

The platform is fully customizable, modular, and scalable.


Where Patient Engagement Meets Virtual Care Management and Health Content Management

Fitango’s digital health technology delivers an innovative solution integrating active patient engagement tools with health content management. Fitango’s platform is equipped with virtual care management and population health tools. 

We cover the whole continuum of care, from prevention, through post-acute and chronic care, to complex care, serving providers and payers that are pursuing value-based care.

The end-to-end platform is modular, scalable, and fully integrated. There is no need to implement silo-based systems to achieve the Hospital at Home goal as the platform provides and integrates all the required functions.

The platform is actively engaging and empowering patients along their health journey and provides clinical teams the tools needed to supply high-quality services at the patient’s home. It provides providers and payers complete visibility into the patient at home, allowing them to optimize the provided services, and resulting in optimal outcomes.

Our platform enables providers and payers to build custom content, digitize their existing content, or pull from our robust library to create truly personalized digital care plans for patients. With evidence-based, accessible content designed for them, patients are empowered to better understand and participate in their health journey. 

Fitango’s Magic Engagement Cycle

Fitango’s Magic Engagement Cycle enables clinicians and health professionals to build and prescribe personalized digital health resources. Interactive digital experiences encourage real-time patient reporting and care plan adherence. All reported data is available to clinicians in real-time, empowering them to monitor patient progress and take timely action. 

Gain the insight you want and support your patients with the engagement tools they need to reach their health goals.

Fitango’s technology is wrapped in flexible APIs and uses AI/machine learning so you can work smarter, not harder. Our solutions are HIPAA compliant, secure, and modular, making it easy for you to implement one or all of our technology’s core functions into your existing workflow.

Why Fitango Health?

Fitango Health's healthcare-at-home solutions address many of the daily patient care frustrations and support the Quadruple Aim of healthcare.

Our end-to-end integrated platform enables you to:


Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango Active Patient Engagement Platform