Fitango Health’s APIs

Close gaps in payer and provider workflows and actively engage patients with quick, easy API integrations

Active Patient Engagement APIs allow users to seamlessly integrate Fitango Health features into your patient management offerings, expanding your offering beyond traditional patient management to actively engage patients outside the walls of the clinic.

The Fitango API is the cornerstone of the platform. It allows building modular, on-demand systems that conform to the needs of your organization. API provides the building blocks that lay the foundation for a robust yet flexible application.

Fitango API is based on GraphQL, a well-known and respected query language that allows efficiently managing data and handling information requests. It is easy to use, contains multitudes of options, and is compatible with both web and mobile devices.

Once connected to our base URL, also known as the the API endpoint, you’ll have access to everything we have to offer.

All requests have to be made over a secure connection (HTTPS), as we do not provide a non-secure option. We take your (and our) security seriously.

What you can see and explore here is meant to be a brief introduction to our API. You can always access the complete reference whenever you need it. It is not meant to be a comprehensive overview, but a glance at what is possible.

Fitango Ensemble APIs are arranged into five categories:

I. Active Patient and Family Engagement

II. Virtual Care

III. Population Health

IV. Health Content Management System

V. Infrastructure and System Management

Program Building, Executing & Monitoring

Personalized interactive health guides that provide daily instructions & health trackers to support patients in disease management, post-acute recovery, general wellness & more

Assessment Building, Executing & Monitoring

Configure smart assessments and surveys with business rules logic that create system triggers based on patient-reported responses

Gamification and Support

Encourage engagement and healthy behaviors with motivational support and rewards. Create and manage incentives to reach specific health goals and track progress

Family Engagement

Invite family members for support and encouragement

Motivation Center

Offer all the motivational assets available to a patient in one single place


Let a patient choose their companions on their journey to recovery who will support them every step of the way

Goal Management

Create and manage goals to promote the highest level of adherence

Medication Management

Track medication adherence with tools for patients to manage medications with alerts and reminders. Capture adverse effects and dosage over time.


Staying together and sharing information is an important factor in effective goal achievement and recovery process


Seamlessly schedule and conduct telehealth and in-person visits. Clinical information is pushed to the patient record and instructions are prescribed directly to patients


Telehealth API allows for smooth, reliable, and secure video and audio communications between clinicians and their patients

Tasks and Follow-Ups

Assign tasks and follow-up items to care team members, receive real-time status updates and manage workflows


A pathway is an oncology tool that incorporates mutiple elements, such as plans, tasks, decision trees, as well as business logic and conditionals


Timeline provides a clear overview of a patient's clinical history, diagnoses, treatments, team responses, etc.

Predictive Analytics

An analytic report can be generated based on several modes: reported, calculated, and predicted

Billing and DME Management

Multi-functional API for DME ordering, tracking, and billing. The system will return the required fields in order to fully process a DME order

Health Analytics

Using AI and machine-learning technology, health analytics tools predict patient outcomes based on previous medical history "with customizable data fields on the report"

Campaign Management

Send outreach campaigns with screenings and resources via email or SMS to customized cohorts of individuals for population-level management

Preemptive Screening

Identify sub-populations for targeted outreach and divide patients into cohorts based on screening responses and demographic information


Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango API Solution