Active Patient Engagement

Active Patient & Family Engagement

Active Patient Engagement APIs allow users to seamlessly integrate Fitango Health features into your patient management offerings, expanding your offering beyond traditional patient management to actively engage patients outside the walls of the clinic.

Program Building, Prescribing & Monitoring

Personalized interactive health guides that provide daily instructions & health trackers to support patients in disease management, post-acute recovery, general wellness & more

Assessment Building, Prescribing, & Monitoring

Configure smart assessments and surveys with business rules logic that create system triggers based on patient-reported responses

Educational Material Building, Prescribing, & Monitoring

Create and assign educational materials to patients and their families that can be customized on a day-to-day or interval basis

Gamification and Support

Encourage engagement and healthy behaviors with motivational support and rewards. Create and manage incentives to reach specific health goals and track progress

Recovery Plan Building, Prescribing, & Monitoring

Build and prescribe customized treatment and recovery plans directly to patients post-discharge. Gain insight into patients' recovery process at home by collecting patient-reported outcomes

Medication & Vitals Plan Building, Prescribing, & Monitoring

Track medication adherence with tools for patients to manage medications with alerts and reminders. Capture adverse effects and dosage over time.