Content Management

Close gaps in provider workflows and actively engage patients with quick, easy API integrations

Health Content Management System

Health Content Management System is a hub that brings together a variety of information sources into one single cohesive system. It enables both custom created media and third-party content integration to offer a plethora of options. The assets in the system can be built, prescribed, and monitored. There are also options to make make content accessible on public and private levels.

Studio/Plan Builder

Plan builder is a powerful programmatic creation and
editing tool that allows
facilitating patient engagement

Protocol Builder

Protocol Builder allows creating a
custom procedural plan that utilizes our BRAHMS tool and provides clinicians with a
powerful set of tools

Pro Store

Pro Store is a private library for clinicians that allows distributing various materials, or sharing
them wjth colleagues

Digital Assets Prescription

Assign, prescribe program or protocol to a particular user

Wellness Store

Wellness store provides numerous choices of health content that
can easily be distributed and
assigned, or viewed anytime

Adherence Monitoring

Clinicians and their teams are able to monitor a patient's progress and provide necessary levels of support and motivation to complete any given program