Chronic Care

Chronic care patients need to be supported across the care continuum, and especially between doctor’s visits. Fitango enables long-term treatment planning for chronic care patients with tailored, interactive treatment plans for patients to follow from home. Physicians get insights into their patients’ progress at home and use predictive analytics to visualize clinically-relevant data and offer timely interventions.

The Chronic Question

How do clinicians best support chronic care patients across the continuum of care and in between doctor’s visits?

Core Benefits of Fitango Chronic Care

Preventative Care & AI-based Predictive Analytics

Through the management of chronic care patients across the care continuum, clinicians can help improve outcomes for chronically ill patients while saving on costs down the line. With predictive AI, clinicians are notified when metrics might trend into critical ranges.

Medication Management and Care Plan Adherence

It’s crucial for patients with chronic conditions to adhere to plans of care, especially in between doctor’s visits. Fitango allows patients to easily report on their plans for multiple conditions and manage their daily medications for better long-term outcomes.

All Stakeholders Involved on One Unified Platform

Fitango’s platform brings together all care team members. For complex patients, it’s important for physicians and care teams across the continuum to communicate directly and maintain a 360-degree view of the patient.

Who is this solution for?

Chronic Care Patients

Fitango provides chronic care patients with personalized treatment and wellness plans to support their health journeys. In between doctor’s visits, patients use Fitango to manage their conditions, their medications and report on their status remotely so their doctors can monitor their progress at home.


Physicians can monitor their chronic care patients remotely with Fitango. Through patient-reported outcomes, connected wearable devices, and predictive analytics, physicians get increased transparency into their patients at home.


Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango Chronic Care Solution