Fitango Duo

Powered by Fitango's HealthBlocksTM

Fitango Duo is a first-of-its-kind virtual care platform: a one-stop solution for healthcare payers and providers to build patient relationships, manage practices of any size, and help patients to achieve real and lasting health outcomes.

About Duo

Fitango Duo is an innovative SaaS platform for healthcare payers and providers. Our goal is to help you:

What separates Fitango Duo? It’s powered by Fitango Health, whose technology is flexible and built with both clinicians and patients in mind. Duo is Fitango’s technology wrapped in an elegant and user-friendly web-based and mobile user interface.¬†

Duo is used by provider groups, hospitals and health systems to deliver top-of-the-line virtual care, content management and patient experience solutions at the highest levels.

We created Fitango Duo to make it easier for practitioners of all sizes to deliver the same standard of care, eliminating the barriers of lengthy and costly implementations and making it easy to get working!

The System Has 2 Main Entry Points: Health Professionals and Patients

For Health Professionals

Improve your patient relationships and bring your business into the digital era

For Your Patients

Patients enjoy a simple digital experience to better engage with your health and wellness programs

Explore Duo's Key Features

Cloud-Based SaaS

Gain instant, low-cost access to Fitango's virtual care products from anywhere. Easily load patient data and get working!

Virtual Health

Schedule and conduct teleconferences, remotely monitor client progress, access secure messaging and more

Health CMS

Build, customize and prescribe from a variety of Fitango's proprietary digital health assets

Active Engagement

Never lose touch with your clients, providing them a continuous care experience and outcomes that last

Use Cases: A Solution for Every Specialty

For Mental Health Professionals

Support and empower your clients both in and out of sessions with Duo’s all-in-one, continuous virtual care solution. Provide interactive digital workbooks and resources to customize your patient experience.

For Dietitians & Nutritionists

Gain real-time insights into your client’s progress. Create personalized digital plans for clients to report on and you to monitor, helping them achieve long-lasting results.

For Primary Care, PT and OT

Care for your patients the way you’ve always wanted with customized content, helping you stay true to your special brand of care. Build quality relationships and increase patient satisfaction.

For Health Coaches

Guide and support your clients on their health and wellness journey with personalized programs and a custom digital health experience. Duo works for you as your digital client experience manager.