Fitango HealthBlocks™

Close gaps in healthcare workflows and actively engage patients with quick, easy integrations.

Fitango’s extensive API library allows enterprises to integrate Fitango’s features directly into existing workflows and systems – no more tech silos required to deliver exceptional patient experiences.

Active Patient Engagement

Just like prescribing medications, Fitango Health enables providers to prescribe digital health assets.​

Patients actively report on their care plans and providers receive updates in real-time, enabling you to close the loop on remote monitoring activities and take patient engagement to the next level.

Health Content Management System

Our Health Content Management System (HCMS) allows organizations to build and load repositories of digital health content with 8+ types of customizable plans. Fitango’s BRAHMS business-rules engine allows for configurable system triggers and actions.

Virtual Care Management

Fitango expands access to patients beyond the walls of the hospital, allowing providers to monitor patients post-discharge and in-between visits. With Fitango’s patient experience tools, clinicians can provide early interventions and reduce the likelihood for readmissions and adverse events.

Population Health

Fitango Health’s Population Health APIs feature robust capabilities for managing cohorts of patients and developing custom reports. Features include predictive analytics, ad hoc reporting, preventative population-level screenings and health outreach campaigns.


Fitango Health’s APIs infrastructure allows for custom system management to better manage care team workflows and patients. Every design is scalable and modular, meaning users can turn items off or on, depending on their needs.

Fitango HealthBlocks™ has your custom solution:

Customize a solution using Heathblocks API components to fit your organization’s unique needs. Fitango’s solutions can be deployed for clinical trials, employee wellness programs, medication management, and more. Tailor-make your ideal solution with ease.

Our API Made for Your EHR

Easily integrate all or some of Fitango’s components into your EHR. With Fitango’s modular products, you can start small and scale over time. Use existing interfaces so workflow is not disrupted.

Benefits of an API structure:

  • Allows you to be up-and-running in a matter of weeks
  • Permits easy integration into existing EHR systems through modular implementation
  • Address specific gaps in your workflow with a tailored solution
  • Start with a targeted, efficient implementation and easily scale as needs evolve

Tailor your patient experience solution in three easy steps:

Select Components from the Healthblocks Product Suite

Select components that solve specific problems in your existing workflow and address gaps through an easy integration with Fitango - no more tech silos and additional systems!

Integrate within a Matter of Days

The Fitango team will provide the relevant code for accessing its functionality through API calls. Fitango’s team works with IT departments to ensure successful integration.

Implement Active Patient Experience

Fitango’s patient experience tools empower patients, their families, and providers, leading to better health outcomes for patients and lower costs for providers.