Fitango Pediatrics

Fitango for Pediatrics allows clinicians to expand their reach to the patient’s home, helping prevent unnecessary hospital visits and providing new parents with valuable resources to care for children at home.

Comprehensive Pediatric Care

How can your practice better serve pediatric patients and their families in between visits?

Core Benefits of Fitango Pediatrics

Comprehensive Virtual Care Platform

Fitango’s virtual care offering includes telehealth, remote monitoring and secure messaging services. Clinicians can expand their practice into the digital space, increasing access to care and receiving reimbursement for doing so.

Digital Resouces to Families & Caregivers

Parents are thirsty for information about their children. Fitango offers educational and interactive content for children and their families across the continuum of care. Families can easily access the information they need directly through the platform.

Gamification to Keep Users Motivated

Keep pediatric patients engaged with gamification. Patients earn points, rewards and incentives as they progress through their care journey.

Who is this solution for?

Nurse Care Managers

Streamline workflows and administrative tasks with Fitango’s care management platform. Improve productivity and enable care managers to address the concerns of patients and families directly through the platform. Care managers can monitor patient progress and provide relevant resources virtually to families.

Family Members

Family members and caregivers sit on the platform, allowing them to report for the children under their care. Caregivers can complete assessments and action plans on behalf of the patient, access educational resources, and communicate with the care team.


Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango Pediatric Solution