Fitango supports long-term treatment planning and custom program creation for physical medicine and rehabilitation. With interactive plans that can be followed from home, Fitango Rehabilitation enables patients to recover outside of the hospital setting, post-discharge and beyond.

Uncomplicating Care

Care transitions can be complicated. How can you best enable continuity of care for patients moving through different care settings in their recovery and long-term treatment?

Core Benefits of Fitango Rehabilitation

One Platform Across All Care Settings

As patients recover, they move through multiple care settings. Fitango captures the patient at any point of care and unites all stakeholders on one platform, providing enhanced continuity of care.

Improve Patient Quality of Life

Consistency in long-term treatment and recovery planning enables better outcomes for patients. Patients moving through rehabilitation programs benefit from personalized plans and transparency across care settings. When recovery is supported longitudinally, patients' quality of life improves.

Integrated DME

Fitango partners with durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers to streamline the post-discharge ordering and fulfillment process.

Who is this solution for?

Transitional Care Manager

Fitango supports discharge planners and transitional care managers in the creation of long-term treatment programs to support patients’ recovery. Discharge planners can also order DME, share plans with other stakeholders, and communicate with patients and families directly from the platform.

Rehabilitation Patients

After leaving the hospital or care setting, patients can access their plans through the Fitango platform, allowing for continuity of care as they recover. Patients report on their progress so they can receive individualized treatment, further tailoring long-term recovery plans with metrics that can be tracked over time.


Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango Rehabilitation Solution