Mental Health Matters: 5 Features to Reduce Gaps in Mental Health Care

Mental health can be a challenging space to tackle. While mental health awareness is on the rise, so is the amount of people seeking help. People are expecting quick fixes and mental healthcare providers are spreading themselves thin by trying to accommodate as many patients as possible. As mental health care practitioners juggle the surge […]

Why Content is King in Patient Engagement Too

“Content is king” is a widely-known adage among marketers and businesspeople. Although there is some debate about the phrase’s origins, it was most notably written in an essay by Bill Gates in 1996. He used the term in a forecast about the future of websites and the internet as a marketplace for monetized content, saying, […]

SaaS for Healthcare: What is it, and how can it fit into your practice?

The world of healthcare IT is continuously evolving. Providers have long been used to clunky IT systems that are full of frustrations and inefficiencies. Luckily for providers of all kinds, innovation hasn’t ignored healthcare IT, and digital health technology is finally in a position to offer convenience and meaningful solutions. Health technology modernization has sparked […]

Fitango Health: Reimagining Continuous Care with Digital Health

Hi there, we are Fitango Health Inc. – a digital health technology company setting out to redefine digital care and reinvent active patient engagement. At Fitango, we understand just how busy healthcare providers are. We know that, above all else, providers and health systems want to provide their patients with the highest quality care and […]

Prescribe Education: 7 Ways To Transform The Way You Educate Patients

In a world where health information, for better or worse, is abundant and easily accessible, healthcare providers are in constant competition with the internet for their patients’ attention. The healthcare industry places significant emphasis on seeking and utilizing evidence-based information in its clinical decision-making. Unfortunately, it is not convenient for patients to adhere to this […]

Active Patient Engagement: The Whole Story

Patient engagement in healthcare is a vague concept. It is an overutilized “buzzword” phrase and an under-implemented, complex notion. In an increasingly digital healthcare landscape, not only has the idea of patient engagement gained popularity, but its meaning has changed yet again. Defining patient engagement is not an easy task. In a 2017 PubMed article, […]

Top 5 Symptoms Of A Patient Engagement Problem

In our last post, we defined the often difficult-to-define concept of patient engagement. Another way to begin wrapping your head around the idea of patient engagement is to consider the effects of a patient population that is not engaged. Naturally, clinicians want their patients to be involved in their care because when patients are engaged, […]

10 Reasons To Implement A Digital Health Solution ASAP

The Digital Age is upon us. Technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives, including our health. Accelerated exponentially by the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital transformation in healthcare is reimagining care delivery. At the onset of the pandemic, many providers and organizations found themselves in a care delivery predicament that necessitated a pivot towards […]

When Epic Doesn’t Solve Your Problem

Epic is the nation’s leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) software. According to an article by Becker’s Health IT in 2020, Epic held 29% of the EHR market share. At that time, it also boasted more than 250 million patients with an active electronic medical record on the system. If you haven’t heard the […]